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With some amusement.

by Revered

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What does it mean When that chittering fiend Returns with determination? Time seems to leak With each word that I speak Scarring the fresh inflammation I'm just a man Who can't understand His prize The battles don't end If the war won'r rescind The lies Hear what you want The pleads or the taunts While all of you fuckers keep fucking And how does it go? They say write what you know Well, I've archived my infinite nothings Succumb with aplomb The merciless compromise
Every morning rise I pry open my eyes Staring at that stupid pillow I sleep beside Sitting comfy on that cushion is a slice of humble pie Tasted right the first time now it’s rotting my insides Still eat it every day ritually Cuz that guttural pain gives me the right to complain Everybody bears a burden with a capital “Be” I’m learning that my burden is I’ve got to Be me! Chorus: God didn’t bless me with any demons I had to invent them on my own I suppose it helps some I don’t Believe in him So I'll take the credit for how they’ve grown It’s kind of funny how much I’ve got to say About how little I’ve done Never did anybody wrong But all I’ve done right hasn’t met expectations Complicit and complacence is the same damn thing Seems I’m the guys whose been left to do everything That I need to, but I got no follow through Too busy listening for the drop of the other shoe Chorus So, how does it feel to be always moving forwards? To feel a little acceptance with every failure since your birth? To rise above the worst of you just by making a decision? To have your free will stifled by an embarrassment of worth? Do I Give up or do I give in? You see the problem is that “give” is the word in both options Gotta keep it to myself, so I can feed those little demons Asking me to starve them out, you’re asking me to unleash them I think instead I’ll crawl back in bed Stare at that stupid pillow with this guilt that I’ve pled Think I’m projecting a bit, if you only knew If pride is a sin then I’m just too proud of all of you Chorus
I feel like everything is going my way It’s fantastic I am so ecstatic All eyes on me I’m a public display Getting dizzy as the world revolves around me You’ve got to see what it means to be me Only a fool would ask why Because when you do you die Gonna dance gonna dance Til you see the grey in my face Gonna dance gonna dance Til you understand how I’ve dug my grave by dancing on it in one place Command the crowd I will clap and you’ll bow Be respectful to someone who’s so special Get in on this It’s not a sin to be proud It’s just affection I point in my direction Watch my body squirm Shaking off the dust Of countless ages Let the fever burn It’s contagious Gonna dance gonna dance Til you see the grey in my face Gonna dance gonna dance Til you understand how I’ve dug my grave by dancing on it in one place I scream so everyone looks my way So claustrophobic when I dare to stare out into space Avoiding focus on the fact that I’m digging my grave Entertain to save face before I’m buried in your memories without a trace I’m giving it all I’ve got Standing my ground dancing on the spot To get a little got to move a lot Shaking my bones until the skin falls off Gonna dance gonna dance Til you see the grey in my face Gonna dance gonna dance Til you understand how I’ve dug my grave by dancing on it in one place
Here’s some advice Don’t take any of mine In fact you should stop paying attention I took my advice Which means I didn’t listen And now I’m in the situation that I’m in Again I've thought about a lot of things Reaching only one conclusion That thinking about anything is no fun But I’m loyal to the suffering It’s my ship in the confusion To follow that star through storms and doldrums But it’s so far away Christ boy, what did I say?! Don’t fall in love with the First star that you fall in Love with Idiot That’s what you did Isn’t it I told you my advice was shit But I refuse to live it down Don’t dare romanticize Something romantic It’s reactive Sycophantic Can’t get past it was Fantastic How can I be chasing What I’m still embracing I refuse replacing What I can’t stand facing My pursuit of a star that shone so long ago And the light that I see now is eons old Oh, I fucking know By the time I reach it the light won’t be the same That beckoned me to follow The star will have changed By the time I get there I'll be dead But that's okay It’s the journey Not the destination So it will work out in the end Let myself down easy A tender resignation To soften the blow of that second chance I'm a little achey from that first one I admitted my misguidance I constellate that consolation I thought if I felt it was all of my fault I thought feeling would finally be fun
I’m dying But not really Just a little bit More than you I’m dying but ironically I’m living proof It’s hard to get my point across I’m dying from the times that I’ve lost And the only sure cure, Is to say, “I told you so.” But we all know how that goes It doesn’t I’m lying It’s so silly But no one’s understanding Of the truth I’m lying so my diagnosis can warrant less ruth The more that you worry The wrong way just stokes my fury I know I should let it all go. Slip through my grip so I’ve got nothing to show for it And all that I’m left with is chronic impediments I appreciate all your faith in me But honestly it just feeds the disease Reactive hope in wearing thin Affirming belief in Preventative medicine I didn't ask to be born I’m dying Eventually It’s the last great thing one can do I’m dying Until then, I’ll shrug my way through I’ve resigned to the end But just to console all my friends I'll wait until they all die From whatever they die from Whatever reduces us to none It’d be funny if I'm the last one
Character 03:57
Here we go again Beginning, middle, end And tell me where do I fit in? The schemes? Your dreams? The chance? At romance? Out of sight and mind Roles distinctly defined As the narrative refines Who serves who's shine Who deserves to blind Waiting in the wings for my cue Supporting what the lead needs to do So that when their story is done They get a standing ovation I'm just a plot point, I'm just a stunt I'm just an inciting incident And i stand here in my disguise Hoping to catch the eye Of someone in the seats And break their suspension of disbelief Character relies on compromise Call me to the stage I'll laugh and cry and rage To illicit blinding praise Of what you've done My loss, you've won by default Look for someone in the seats To break suspension of disbelief
Vocabularity 03:11
Vulnerability A quality that’s key Right up to the point It might get disappointing Too much sympathy Gets to be boring Seems “unconditionally” Has got some stipulations Or should I say conditions Oh, deary me Vulnerability Is rendered obsolete When past the expiry date How do I put this? Too little too late Just a travesty When left out too long Now I’m giving it away for free To entertain some guests With an apology And exploit it in a song Because now it doesn’t matter I just hope it gets some laughter A Cautionary tale I expect will fail So that the disaster is repeated Cuz we can all empathize with the defeat You gotta earn some one’s respect So when you lose your own you can ask them for a little bit Otherwise you’re left With a ton of regrets And you can’t stop singing Songs that sound like this Begging forgiveness Timing is everything So lower defences But it just depends On when Instead of this flaccid act aggression Vulnerability The definition I imagine I am getting incorrectly It’s the just condition that I’m currently in My vocabularity It doesn’t exist Nor does my enemy And if the world is not against me Then all these threats are empty How Embarrassing You gotta earn some one’s respect So when you lose your own you can ask them for some of it Otherwise you’re left With a ton of regrets And you can’t help singing Songs that sound like this
Priceless 03:36
What does it mean to be weak? A soft dam with a perpetual leak The cracks spread in the concrete Oh no, there it goes I'll confess that I'm priceless I don’t fuck around about trust, That’s just my Roundabout way to say I don’t adjust to Duplicitous conduct or I’ll remain fucked I'll confess that I'm priceless The weak need to stay smart That’s the difficult part Gotta think things through or you lose I’ll confess that I’m priceless Stop to think then you atrophy Always on the brink of a catastrophe That pressure’s how most diamonds comes to be I’ll confess that I’m priceless Slow down To a standstill Within that silence I’ll hear the world grinding slowly I found With enough free will And calm defiance I’m removed enough to call me holy Every time I fail I know my life gets shorter Flaunt what success I got left in the order Of greatest to loudest to Confess that I’m priceless I need a legacy Supporting every Choice that I’ve voiced confidently to Confess that I’m priceless Accept my worth in the Face of adversity, Pity, petty, that greedy need to Confess that I’m priceless Trick that ridiculous impulse To falsely fault that repulsion to Confess that I’m priceless Slow down To a standstill Within that silence I’ll hear the world grinding slowly I found With enough free will And calm defiance I’m removed enough to call me holy Everyone can see what’s not there Filling all the negative space where Judgement breeds it verdict. How do I plead? I’ll confess that I’m priceless How do I search my soul? It’s rarely feeling sexy, where'd my orgone go? You gotta force that force with force, but it’s too weak of course I’ll confess that I’m priceless Down on your luck then you’re fucked That's the only leg up you get. If they buckle, while you’re down on your knees pray, pretty please I’ll confess that’s I’m priceless Aplomb goes long way in the wait for the day To inherit the earth the meek collect their Worth in time to Profess that I’m priceless
I tried too hard to be what I thought I needed To be just what you needed Is not what I am And I went too far and got a little greedy For that need to feel needed Now I don't give a damn About anything else and I've gone down the list You’re the last time I felt like I didn't feel like this I've been wrong before I'll be wrong some more. Another chance of a lifetime Another lifetime away. You said you knew those moments when they felt right When you trusted instinct’s insight I should it try and see I want to take your words and speak them right back to you Hope that they'll get through to What's missing in me I was looking to quit and you gave me an out As I gathered up my shit you saw self doubt fall out And you doubted me Oh the irony Another chance of a lifetime Another lifetime away. The last thing I expected was to be so well rejected By the first thing that I believed in in so long Was the last thing That should have gone wrong Was your conclusion You had better things to do than Be mine Another chance of a lifetime I knew I wasn't selfish I though, hey, I think I deserve this My only fault was I was tired of being alone My hope from there could only have grown Up to someone worth your admiration And mine Another a chance of a lifetime I'm so goddamn bored of being so goddamn scared Yet remain so ill prepared for what I'm due to have got But I know The man I am is worth someone like you suffering the truth of the man that I'm not. Agreed that I’m good, but that’s not good enough Now I'm worse than I was but you're still better off And I can't compete your needs got mine beat My wish had been answered that you tuned back into the question That I keep asking myself again and again And I’m going insane And your a lifetime away Another lifetime away
Indeed I Did 01:55
I've done the deeds indeed I’ve done But no one would care to bear witness to corroborate which mistakes Caused which memories to go missing See, the memories I bargained in exchange for aspiration I forget now what was the fucking thing I’m aspiring to be I needn’t do the things Indeed I thought never did I’ll do You say to leave a trail of bread crumbs But I gotta eat, right? So I ate them And now I’m walking backwards With my back towards the front s So I’m moving along I look back upon the horizon the same old one I came from And mistaken the sunset for the dawn the dawn It’s dawning on what I’ve done so wrong I needn’t do the things I thought indeed I never did I’ll do Hold my hand and squeeze it each time you see I'm drifting My daydreams are so dull I confuse them to be real And if you squeeze while I’m awake I'll know that you are lying and I'll thank you for the truth of how that feels The beauty of a moment never asks for any credit So you can take it for yourself if you prove intent is sincere And when my day of judgement comes And the future is measured against all that I’ve done I’ll smile because I know you’ve been present all along A long way to get so near I needn’t do the things I thought indeed I never did I’ll do


released June 3, 2019

All songs composed by Emmett Hall
Produced by Pietro Sammarco and Emmett Hall
Mixed by Pietro Sammarco
Mastered by Brock McFarlane/CPS Mastering

All vocals/keyboards/synths: Emmett Hall
Clarinet/EWI: Sam Davidson
Bass: Colin Cowan
Drums: Kevin Romain
Guitars: Ken Lawson, Greg Ng
Violin: Aaron Read
Saxophones/Flute: Ben Henriques
Trumpet: Andrew Styrmo
Trombone: Pietro Sammarco

Piano/Rhodes, basses, drums recorded at Monarch Studios

photos taken by Rich Johnson


all rights reserved



Revered Vancouver, British Columbia

"Revered" is composer/front-man, Emmett Hall's musical experiment into pseudo-new wave/prog-rock cathartic nonsense.
Best described as an entertaining self-cleansing though acerbic revelry and bathos.
Much of which is in collaboration with producer, Pietro Sammarco.
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